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BBMSL Online Payment Service


BBMSL Online Payment Service allows merchant to proceed online payment with easy integration and minimal effort. These docs covered the detailed design and complete workflow of our payment service. You can read through the docs section by section or jump directly into the sections you need.

Integration Model

There are two ways to integrate your application to the BBMSL Online Payment Service. Each option supports different features and requires a different level of PCI DSS support, details are stated in the comparison table below.


Hosted ModelDirect Model
Payment flowCustomization optionsFully Controlled
Supported digital walletsApple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, Wechat Pay
Supported payment methodsCredit card (Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay)
PCI DSS LevelNot required, we collect sensitive payment data for youRequires PCI DSS compliance for credit card payment method